How to Build an Online Store

As a startup or an upcoming entrepreneur, low budgets and financial constraints are unending obstacles. Low revenue generation and little brand awareness mean that your big five goals remain as so until you find well-wishers or sponsors to move you to the next level. However, in this era of high competition, relaxing and waiting to take actions on a future date does more harm to your business.

In particular, each second that passes without moving to the online platform, you lose a potential customer. But you do not have the revenue for moving to the digital arena. Before you conclude your decision of shutting down your store and joining the business losers’ zone, here are the top 4 free online store builders to give you a lift to your virtual selling destiny:


Create Your Online Store

When it comes to selling online for free, Square takes the first position. Square specializes in offering credit card processors. However, they understand the needs of upcoming and startup entrepreneur. To offload them from the burdens of slicing their little earnings to cater for online store hosting, Square offers free online store creation platform.

No hosting fees. No monthly charges apart from card processing fee if you make a sale on a particular month. You have an opportunity to upload your headers and footer images as well as your business logo. Also, you can have a featured image to make your store more attractive.

Furthermore, to show your expertise which is one way of standing out in your niche and attracting more sales. This is the only shortcoming of Square. The platform does not offer you an opportunity to insert a blog page. Nevertheless, your store is compatible and responsive to various online shopping forums.


Ecommerce Website Builder

Ecwind is the next free online store builder that enhances your virtual selling. Unlike Square, this builder does not require you to have a credit card. You do not pay any setup or monthly fees. Another aspect is that you can add your store on various online platforms such as blogs, social media, and other sites and operate them at a centralized point. Also, the process is easier than ABCD and you can set up multiple staff logins.

Within five minutes you are through with it even if it is your first time to set up a store. No software installation required and it has zero effects on your website design. Again, it has highly responsive features that enable you to sell your products using any internet-enabled devices.



Create your Free Ecommerce Site

Maybe it is your first time to hear about Spreesy. No worry it might be the message you needed to take you to the promised land of online success. This free online store builder enables you to transform your social pages to selling points. You know engagement is cradle to the online success. The platform uses this idea as the main agenda.

Here, it enables you to generate sale-driven posts that attract leads. Also, it enhances your marketing through inbuilt marketing tools. This way, you reduce cases of cart abandonment. On considering charges, Spreesy offers you free listing with zero monthly charges. However, they deduct 3% transaction fee on your sales.

Despite this, you enjoy 24/7 automated selling and support. It is also designed for modern e-commerce. Every page of your store is optimized for mobile shopping. Notably, your online store becomes global. With the automated translation, you do not have to worry about reaching out to customers who do not speak your native language.

Now you do not have a reason to kill your online selling dream. With the above free online store builders, you are good to go.


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