Weebly is one of the best free e-commerce website builders in the U.S.A. Its base of operations is in San Francisco. This e-commerce website builder makes it easy for you to create your e-commerce platform in a matter of hours and start selling online. It has allowed many business owners to create their free e-commerce websites, which could not have been possible with custom design e-commerce websites. With that having been  said, here are the top features that make Weebly an attractive online store builder free:

Weebly is one of the greatest free online store builders because it comes with the drag and drop editor

Drag and drop is a pointing device that allows the user to select an object or element by simply grabbing and dragging it to any location you want. It makes it easy for anybody to create a beautiful website without web design skills or technical knowledge. It also allows users to build out their sites in a matter of hours and start selling online.

Weebly free e-commerce website builder comes with tax and shipping calculator

The tax and shipping calculator automatically computes what customers need to pay for shipping and taxes, without having to do the calculations yourself. This saves you lots of time that you can direct to other profitable aspects of your e-commerce store.

The online store builder free comes with a wide range of templates

Weebly comes with a huge array of templates and themes to choose from. Templates and themes determine the overall look of your e-commerce website. And it’s important to take the time to choose one that reflects your business.

Weebly free e-commerce website builder comes with strong supports systems

You’ll find a lot of educational resources, such as tutorials, video lessons, and blog to hasten the process of creating your e-commerce website. The platform also offers email and phone support to allow you to convey any problem you have with your e-commerce website.

Weebly free e-commerce website builder comes with a blogging functionality

A blog plays a crucial role in engaging your prospects and customers and increasing your search engine rankings. You can use a blog to create high-value content that your target audience and search engines will love.


Support and ease of use are the key areas Weebly dominates other free e-commerce website builders. The good thing about Weebly is that you can change up to a premium plan when you outgrow the free plan. This becomes convenient because you won’t have to change web builders.

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